Morella Physical Therapy Clinic is known for its broad-ranging services. Serving the tri-city area of Morgan City, Berwick and Patterson, as well as outlying rural areas, they have a client base that ranges from adolescents to geriatrics and covers a broad range of injuries and conditions.

Among the services offered are:

General Orthopedics

With more than 40 years of experience in handling injuries and conditions that impact the skeletal system and its associated joints, muscles and ligaments, Morella Physical Therapy Clinic has a solid reputation for excelling in general orthopedics.

We use hands –on manual therapy techniques and modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound and Dry Needling to ease the pain and work through a series of effective exercises to get our patients returning to their normal level of activity and functioning as soon as possible.

Each program is unique to deal with the individual issue being treated. We will also discuss the ways that injuries can be prevented from recurring.

Dry Needling

After completing the required continuing education with Dry Needling Institute, American Academy of Manipulative Therapy, Morella has obtained the designation of “Certified Dry Needling”. He meets all of the criteria set by the Louisiana State Board of Physical Therapy to provide Dry Needling in Louisiana. He has added Dry Needling as an option for treating many conditions.

Back and neck pain

With almost 90 percent of Americans experiencing bouts of back and neck pain at some point in their lifetimes, we are frequently called to assist patients suffering to the point that their quality of life has been seriously impacted.

Physical therapy has been found to be highly effective in treating back and neck pain and in stopping it from recurring or becoming a chronic condition.

We have witnessed many cases where a patient’s dependency on pain medications was removed after therapy and instances where surgery could be avoided with effective therapy and follow-up exercise programs.

Vestibular rehabilitation

We provide therapy and custom-designed exercises for patients to help them retrain their central nervous system and correct inner ear deficits.

Our vestibular rehabilitation therapy is also effective in solving issues such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and vestibular neuritis.

Pre and post-surgical care

When prescribed both before and after surgery, physical therapy has been found effective in helping patients recover faster and achieve full range of motion and strength quicker than those who do not receive it.

Regardless of the kind of surgery you are receiving, we can ease your recovery period and help you return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

In cases where the surgery is a complete joint replacement, physical therapy is an essential part of building your strength and ensuring complete recovery.

Worker’s Compensation

Being located in Morgan City, which is a hub of the oilfield industry, Morella Physical Therapy Clinic treats a large number of injured workers and is successful in their recovery and return to employment as soon as reasonably possible.

Working with your physician and Worker’s Compensation representative, we will prepare a customized program of treatment aimed at helping you heal and regain your strength and work related functional activities. We will include an educational component to prevent the injury from recurring and can also create individual work conditioning programs to allow you to return at a gradual pace.

Work Conditioning

Our work conditioning program is designed to help injured workers prepare themselves and their bodies for a return to the workplace and full, active living.

We work to help patients restore joint and muscle function so that it is safe for them to perform workplace duties. We look at job requirements for specific occupations and design a program that will get the workers back to full duty ASAP.

Pre-employment Screening

Morella Physical Therapy Clinic offers pre-employment/post-hire screenings for a company’s potential employees. Recognizing the high financial impact of lost productivity by having workers mismatched to the physical requirements of a job, we will provide employee screening based on the essential job functions to be performed. Call 985-385-5172 to enquire about this service.

Motor Vehicle accidents

We will assess your injuries and discuss with you a course of physical therapy designed to help you attain a complete recovery as soon as possible.

We will work with your healthcare team including your physician and health care provider to customize a treatment plan for you.

Sports injuries

From runner’s knee to thrower’s shoulder to tennis elbow, we treat a wide range of sports injuries. Our immediate goal is to reduce inflammation and pain and set the patient on the road to a quick recovery that will help them return to the sport of their choice as quickly as possible.

Our treatment programs include an educational component to help athletes ensure that their injury is not recurring.

Fall prevention

Through a detailed assessment program, our physical therapist can determine ways to help you prevent falls and improve your balance as you age.

Our fall prevention program helps to determine if you are at a high risk for injury by falling. We will then work with each patient individually to devise a program to find ways to reduce fall risk and overcome issues of dizziness.

Gait instability and balance

Our treatments address issues of gait instability and unstable balance. Using specific evaluations to study your gait, we will work to help you overcome issues, especially when your ability to walk has been impacted by an injury or condition.

Shoulders and knees

Morella Physical Therapy has a particular interest and recognized expertise in the area of upper and lower extremities, specifically in treating shoulders and knees.

Our custom-designed programs that include stretching, exercise, manual therapy and modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and Dry Needling help patients restore their full range of motion and strengthen injured and weakened arms and legs.

We will help you build your endurance and flexibility with a series of progressive exercises.